Living Like a Local // Moscow

As part of our Living Like a Local series where we have friends gush about their city and their favorite spots in it, Polly from A Girl and Her Travels joins us for a special introduction to her and her husband's online magazine - Like a Local launch this week. The first issue delves into a city that's high on our to-do list, Moscow.Like a Local magazine featured on MontgomeryFest

“We're the kids who decided to move abroad for a year and never looked back. We're the backpackers who live on two dollars a day and always look like we could use a good shower. We're the people, bored at our desks and strapped for vacation time, who don't want to waste a second of our freedom. We're the people who never imagined that we could be explorers or adventurers – but we became them anyway.”

There are two ways of discovering a new place. The first is poring through a guidebook on the plane, consulting it before heading out the door of your hotel, and basically have a heavy, non-verbal companion hanging out in your bag throughout the trip. The second option – which we admit we're particularly fond of – is discovering a city through the eyes of a local. Whether it's discussing an itinerary with an expat over some local food or chatting up your seatmate on the bus or reading a beloved blog, getting an in-depth look at a city from a knowledgeable person makes a trip about 1000x more exciting.We like to think that you'd agree. (MontgomeryFest does – we don't believe anyone can read their trip recaps without immediately contemplating a ticket purchase!) That's where our new travel magazine Like a Local comes in.Like a Local was born to us - a husband and wife duo, Gena and Polly - in a sweaty apartment in Granada, Nicaragua. The idea came about as a way of prolonging our travels in a thoughtful way, flexing our creative muscles, and hopefully providing insight to other people along the way. This isn't your typical, glossy magazine that reviews the hottest clubs and swankiest hotels from all the far-flung corners of the globe. That market has been more than covered and a guidebook or the easiest of Google searches will reveal all the basics. Instead, we're taking a more thoughtful, detailed approach with each issue featuring only one city and the stories that you wouldn't normally hear.Like a Local is a quarterly production, meaning each city and it's unplumbed depths will be highlighted in the peak of each season. Our first issue – autumn 2014 – will highlight the green spaces in Moscow, Russia before the city disappears under a pile of snow. You'll have to stay tuned for the location of issue two, but be sure it'll be full of winter adventures that you've never even thought of!Like a Local magazine featured on MontgomeryFestI hope you'll join us in our newest endeavor whether it be just enjoying our stories, using our guide when traveling, or collaborating with us when we come to your city.Welcome to beyond the guidebook.Follow along here:Website // Twitter // Instagram //

Look out for the first issue of Like a Local magazine this Wednesday, 13 August!