Leuven by train


Leuven, Belgium Town Square | MontgomeryFestOn a typical day here,  the two of us are experiencing this expat thing quite differently than the other. Sometimes I'll wake up in the am and we have a little time together. Sometimes he has a good internet connection at a client and we can gchat all day. Sometimes afternoons with friends overlap and I come home later than he does and there may or may not have been toddies involved. And then competition ensues on who can greet each other at the door more giddily (giddily?! just go with it.) because I've set the bar pretty high (boredom cultivates creativity). He drives and knows the roads by car. I walk and pay zero attention to one-way streets. He wears ties and interacts with business people all day and I can live out my dream of being barefoot the majority of my life. Mind you, I have no doubt that he'll hold this period of my life over my head when the babies are crying at 4am. No doubt. I think I talk about babies a lot?Annie! Leuven.Oh yes, yes. Leuven. So, while we try to do all the traveling we can together, some days can't be controlled. I have this friend who can pretty much get me to do anything because she's so darn stinkin sweet and I want to be around her foreverandalways. When Marina brought up taking a day trip out to Leuven, I worried that J would be sad he was missing out. Instead, all I got was a, 'don't forget the camera!' about 3x. And then I understood what he meant. Taking photos is hard work, man. I had to be on top of my tourist game. I know we kind of blur the lines on whose photos are on this bloggity, but the majority are his. I now present to you a day trip post to Leuven strictly from an Annie point of view (well, with some cut throat tossing out from Justin because it was a lil lengthy) ::00 - le00 - leuven00 - leuven00 - leuvenWe met at Gare du Midi, I took advantage of having a fountain Coke (liquid gold), and together we caught the train into Leuven. Marina can rock the Belgian history like no one else. We walked through the town as she filled me in on almost every building/statue we passed. Take book nerd up there^, that's Fonske, short for Fons Sapientiae, meaning fountain of wisdom. Fonske just stands there reading all day and night while he pours the wisdom on his head. They even dress him up sometimes like our own Manneken Pis. He's a cute fella.Leuven is home to the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, which is the oldest Catholic university still in existence. Founded in 1425.It's also home to the worldwide headquarters of Anheuser-Busch InBev. You might know one of their little breweries...Stella Artois?  Thought so..00 - leuven00 - leuven00 - leuven00 - leuven00 - leuven06? - leuvenWe went on a Friday, so it was mass exodus by the students. It's very much a college town. We watched suitcase after suitcase roll by as I explained to my friend how Friday afternoons look at an American school - we throw our clothes in a hamper, throw the hamper in the car parked fairly close to the dorm/apartment, and drove off. And we laughed at the idea that wherever you are in the world, it's nice to have your parents wash your clothes!00 - leuvenSidebar :: (and bear with me..) I think I've come to the conclusion that Americans go to college at a university (for the most part) and Europeans (and others?) go to university (NOT 'uni' - ugh.) at a university. Both have schools/colleges within the university, eg. college of sciences. AND since university (in the latter sense) gets right to the nitty gritty courses when you start, there isn't need for grad school because you've been essentially concentrating the whole time. Is this somewhat accurate? I haven't been able to find one person that can compare the two yet..Linked up with Bonnie, Melanie,  + Tina.