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The Kimono StyleThe thing with London is that we have time. Time to let the flowers bloom and catch the shot exactly as I see it with my rose-colored glasses. To let the spring actually come, because, it has not, which has been a very confusing thing. You can't fool people who just came from California that this is what spring is supposed to look like no matter how much you want it to be. Nope. Spring is green, not this brown tree sitch we have goin' on. But, like I said - we have time! So, while we layer up in much more than kimonos and purchase all the cute blankets!, this very grey shaded sky has me dreaming of warmth and infusing everything with shades of pink and coral. Because, ahem, coral represents that sweet spot between spring and summertime, no? It does! Pantone, listen up. When the warmth is here and here for a whole nother season at that. That's where my mind keeps wandering off to in these rose-colored glasses, while I sit in this British coffee shop (JUSTKIDDINGitsstarbucksbecause,solid-ishwifi) because we overestimated how efficient setting up home internet would be, trying not to look up every time I hear an American accent. I'm in that phase. Blend, Annie. Blend! I haven't written a rambling post in a while, so I'm a little rusty and also letting it hang out. But, if you make it through these easy, breezy, beautiful 70's-esque San Francisco post, there's a reward at the end! (hint: moula)The Kimono StyleThe Kimono StyleThe Kimono StyleThe Kimono StyleBy the way, kimonos! This might be my favorite single article. Actually. When you think of me, will you think of me in a breezy, ambiguously seasoned kimono with my hair perfectly messy-curled? Kthanksiloveyou. Whether you throw it over a swimsuit, a sweater, or a skirt+sneaks when you run out with your friend for a chilly* photo date, it's so forgiving and stylish all in one. No, kimonos didn't sponsor this post. Could that be a thing? It is a blanket you take with you. Let that sink in. Feel free to smile with me right now.*SF Annie naively thought it was chilly, for the record. London Annie laughs in her face.The Kimono StyleThe Kimono StyleThe Kimono StyleThe Kimono StyleThe Kimono StyleThe Kimono StyleThe Kimono Style The Kimono Style