JanuaryFest 2016



montgomeryfest | mistermontgomeryfest

Right about now we're making huge life ch-ch-changes like we know how to do best. So, I'll make this quick because I have some over-grammin' to get back to. January, you guys! And some links that made us call the other into the room to check out. Pretend we're doing the same to you right now..This Japanese train that is going out of business, but stays open for one passenger so she can make it to her classes. Humanity, you guys. This epic second line in NOLA with, wait for it, Win Butler playing David Bowie. Hotchacha! This baby koala's photo shoot that is stealing my heart. Also, her name is Imogen. Here, just have my melted heart already. This break up dance that is teaching me all my moves at the club...or living room.