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Part 37 of my birthday surprises included a video. A video of epic proportions, let me tell you. Happy birthday wishes from friends around the world. From my mama dancing to little bitties singing and blowing out candles for me. From Tiger Stadium to a town square in Prague. Giraffes and zebras and Buddy dogs, oh my! The friends I've collected through the wide range of seasons in my life are undeniably the best of the best. I always say that I have such an awkward bone that if people persevere through it, those are the good hearts. The thoughtfulness and the quirkiness and the generosity that fills my collection could conquer the world. Oh, please. That wasn't dramatic. That was honesty. And now for some links..// What color is it RIGHT NOW?// I love it when my lunch gets turned into works of art. // Art goes digital. FORTY THOUSAND works of art digitalized for you and you and you, for free! poundsigncultured.// 52 places to go in 2015. LET'S GO!// 'Tis the season. Turning thirty portrayed by graphs.// You asked, she answered. Travelling with babies - worth it.