In Print


Artful Blogging feature | MontgomeryFestThere it is. Sitting on our coffee table. Casually waiting for us to flip through it..once again. I keep landing on it. I think that means I've bent the pages that perfect, subtle amount.When the editor of Artful Blogging contacted me to write a piece on what blogging means to me, I was flattered and immediately curious at the sight of my photos in a publication. A publication. Not much unlike the 'Publish' button I hit every time a new blog entry goes up, but yet, so very much more. A piece with a byline. In print.Artful Blogging feature | MontgomeryFestArtful Blogging feature | MontgomeryFestArtful Blogging feature | MontgomeryFestI wrote about Morocco. The place that pushed us to our farthest boundaries and out of comfort zones, and yet, one of the most beautiful experiences of our lives. I wrote about how I approach travel writing, but to call it travel writing seems to do it a disservice, so I didn't. I don't want to be in one category. I write for so many reasons. I write and paint and photograph and curate it all on this blog to push my own boundaries...with your help, of course.When I received my copy of the magazine in the mail, I had no idea. I was blown away. The bloggers and photographers and painters and doers and makers who were also telling their story of what it means to them. The curiosity for my photos subdued as I poured through the pages of these incredible women and their stories and their photos of their stories. Oh my, their photos! I was immediately humbled to have my six pages in this magazine amongst all the other bylines. Names that I've admired on Instagram for quite a while, sharing a side that not many in their grand following count know.I'd like to say we'd run over to Barnes and Noble and flip through the 'zines section, but apparently SF doesn't do B&N. If you're in the same boat and want to check out Artful Blogging, you can order a copy online.I'm off to continue being flattered.. xxo.