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sunnies | wallet: similarphone case | almost lipstick | purse

It was our last night in Porto. We had a little time to spare until our dinner reservation. Just enough time to get a little lost. We stumbled upon an indoor market of the Portuguese Etsy variety (that's to say, I wanted everything in there). I ran my heart-shaped eyes around the room landing on a display of metal + fabrics. An older lady lifted her eyebrows to animate an interest in her line of purses. We communicated enough through a mix of elementary English and Portuguese, until her daughter made her way over with an impressive vocabulary, like most Europeans. While I tried on every purse her mother handed me, she explained how she, her mother, and her daughter created these handmade pieces. This three generation family stole my heart and my Fuchic bag will forever be a favorite travel souvenir of mine. Today, I'm over at Life. By Bri chatting about what's IN MY BAG. Check it out here!