Top Tips on Getting Organized + A Weekly To Do List Printable

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This whole moving gig always gets me thinking about organization and finding little homes for all of our stuff. It puts us in a very intentional living space where our things are put into two categories. The things we pack to use immediately - one carry-on and one suitcase of essentials each - and the things we can live without for the next three months - usually furniture, kitchenware, and second tier clothing pieces (any lower tier gets donated).

Every move (Dallas to Brussels to San Francisco to London) gives us a refresh button to press and reassess how unimportant most physical items are to us (and how quickly they accumulate!). What we have left is a home that we’re excited to decorate, filled with things that we need and things that inspire us and make us happy.

This practice is extra important for me since I work from home. The more intentional my work environment is, the more productive I can be. Word.

Speaking of intentional living, I’m very excited to share with you a collaboration I’ve been working on with The Anastasia Co. Along with some tips on how we each stay organized, we’ve created a free printable to help you tackle those weekly goals of yours. We paired Jillian’s gorgeous, structured style (I mean, hello beautiful feed!) with my hand lettering to bring you a weekly to do list printable!

Create a routine your body craves

Set yourself up for a solid day. It all starts with good sleep. sleep in total darkness, write everything down so your brain can rest. allow yourself a period in the morning doing that you look forward to doing each day. read a chapter, slowly sip your coffee while thumbing the news, turn on some tunes and dance it out.

Start with a clear workspace

Clean off anything unnecessary or uninspiring. Equip your space with the paper clips, sparkling water, and all twelve sizes of paintbrushes you're going to need so that it's all in reach and you can focus on keeping your head down and working.

Tackle the hardest thing on your plate

Your coffee is kicking in, you're ready to take on the day. Get the biggest problem out-of-the-way first. Having that looming big project tends to leave me distracted when I'm working on smaller projects. After I check off the beast, my other to dos seem more fun and bouncy (like my hair these days. ha!).

Set aside time for certain tasks

Set a timer for 30 minutes and get all of the tiny tasks done as quickly as you can. Or set aside a time, with a timer, to get through emails. And allow yourself breaks to get up, walk around the block, flip through a magazine, call a friend. Take a step back and come back with a fresh perspective.

Write it down

Writing down your to dos allows you to visualize the amount of tasks you have and game plan an order to complete them. A weekly to do list lets you see when you need to tackle that big project if you want to make that Thursday afternoon happy hour. Give power to your plans, write it down, visualize it, cross it off, and then go celebrate.

Head on over to The Anastasia Co. for more organization tips and let us know how you live intentionally! Grab the printable link below and show us your organizational skillz!