Recipe | Easy Homemade Croutons


Easy Homemade Croutons Recipe | MontgomeryFestThis is an ode to expats around the world. To all the struggles and the language barriers and the plethora of conversions you have at the top of your head. Here's to that day you were finally able to give that tourist directions to the palace in french. But, most of all, here's to conquering your grocery list. That dang thing.I discovered this trick while we were living in Brussels and grocery shopping was tricky business - you weren't always confident you were buying the right product and if you were confident (it was a language/brand you knew), then it was unreasonably expensive. Croutons, as you might guess, wasn't exactly on the high prio list. Would you like a small packet of croutons from the British aisle or a trip to Florence next month? Good. We agree.Easy Homemade Croutons Recipe | MontgomeryFestEasy Homemade Croutons Recipe | MontgomeryFestThe great thing was how easy it was to concoct these babies. I did that thing that chefs do where they just start grabbing things off the shelves and turn it into a garnished masterpiece. Albeit, this is just the garnish. Of course, my ingredients shifted when we moved to San Francisco grocery stores, but still delicious. Which makes it one of those super transferrable recipes that are great for expats! I've perfected my crouton time to one song and four ingredients. Ingredients that you probably already have in your home.Easy Homemade Croutons Recipe | MontgomeryFestEasy Homemade Croutons Recipe | MontgomeryFestEasy Homemade Croutons Recipe | MontgomeryFestEasy Homemade Croutons Recipe | MontgomeryFestEven now that we have access to reasonably priced croutons, I still make my own. I like knowing exactly what's in them. No x or y filled words that we can't pronounce. The only thing is how addicting they are. I have to be careful to leave enough for the salads before I snack on them all![yumprint-recipe id='6']