HC squared

This weekend is an extra special weekend. Two of our absolute favorite people are getting hitched. Meet Heathe and Heather. Two creatives (you should see the stuff they come up with! Gap knocks on their door, seriously - that happens.). Two love birds. Two of the sweetest, most generous, most genuinely awesome people we've ever metEngagement Session by Stacy Landry Photography via MontgomeryFestJust kidding - I just love that shot. Here's the stunning couple ::Engagement Session by Stacy Landry Photography via MontgomeryFestIn the midst of planning what is sure to be one of the most epic weddings ever (I know, I know, Heather - but it is!), they made some time to share with us the story of how H asked h because, like I said, the most generous people..

Without further ado,from the GROOM! ::

The Engagement...let's see!I had the best time racking my brain to decide what to do.  I wanted it to, of course, be unique and just, PERFECT! I actually had found the ring box I wanted before I even picked the ring...lol! It was a ring travelers tin box that I purchased at an antique store. Simply perfect for the vision I had. Picking the ring was one of the best parts of the engagement. I had the best time researching and finding the perfect one for her. After not finding the "one", I decided to have her ring made. I had Heather's ring custom-made and modeled from an Edwardian style ring I found a picture of. I immediately thought it was perfect and had to have it. This process took a few months and the suspense of getting it in was killing me. After the jeweler called and let me know it was ready, I started planning.We absolutely love antiquing, flea markets, and estate/garage sales. Heather found this amazing antique shop called Fireflies a few months prior...which in my opinion is a mini Restoration Hardware and Martha Stewart Magazine worthy, but I digress. It is just simply amazing. My vision for her engagement was to be a relaxed everyday type of day. Heather just knows when something is offbeat and I wanted to truly surprise her. What better way than to do something that is not out of the ordinary.I called on our trusty best friends the Landry's, Matt and Stacy, to help me out as well. I brought the engagement ring to them the day before our planned engagement and had them fix the ring box just right. Since Heather sews, I had my grandmother's old wooden spool of thread and thimble, as well as some lace to make the perfect backdrop for the ring. Matt and Stacy did an amazing job putting my vision together.With everything now in place, I called the owner of Fireflies and asked her if it was okay if I proposed to Heather there. She was simply overjoyed to be a part of our special day. She asked if she could do anything special and I assured her that as long as the shop was open it was perfect!On the day of the engagement, the Landry's met us for lunch and afterwards we were going shopping for furniture and decorations for their new home they were moving in at Fireflies. It was perfect. Heather didn't think anything about it. It was just another fun day.With the ring stashed in Stacy's purse, we arrived at Fireflies and Stacy placed the ring on top of the spool of thread in the tin ring box they had fixed for me...on her way to the "bathroom"! Once Stacy joined us again, we started wandering around the store. I coaxed Heather in the direction where the ring was! I immediately saw where it was sitting, but Heather looked at something next to it and didn't notice. I told her...I really love that little tin box on that table...when she saw the ring she just couldn't believe it. She kept saying is this for real? I said it is. Well, before I could give my speech I had prepared, Heather politely said, "I just can't fall apart here and I know you love me and it's okay! YES,YES,YES!...you can just text me what you wanted to say later!" Well, my speech went out the door! We all laughed, because that is Heather! Bethany, the owner of Fireflies, came from the back with a bouquet of flowers for Heather and Wedding Cake flavored cupcakes for us. How sweet was that!The day had turned out just how I planned and was simply perfect in every way!Planning the wedding started on the spot and will sure be the event of the year...lol!

The Love Bird Soiree engagement party | Photography by Stacy Landry Photography | Planning by The Soiree Co.All photos by Matt & Stacy of Stacy Landry Photographyps. leave a comment for the love birds, if you'd like! they deserve lots of extra lovin' on this particularly fab weekend..