Guest Post | Love Notes by Casa dos Mael

The other week, I created these love note printables just in time for Saint Valentine's Day. If you look at them all together, there is quite a sugary-sweet, holiday vibe to them, but individually, they're just straight up love notes that can be used year round. And I intend on it.  J has found them all over the flat - a "Je t'aime" over the stove if I have to cook and run out to meet the girls; the "You + Me" in a spot where I cleaned up, like his nightstand..sorta like the 2014 version of I was here, perhaps?; they've also come in handy when we're running out the door to a dinner party and I haven't had to time to watercolor craft up a gift tag for our host gift. Needless to say, I'm a believuh. So, when one of my blogger crushes posted an instagram using my "Je t'aime" I was over the moon proud of my babies (theoretical, Mom). Not only that, but she was willing to contribute her Valentine's story to our little space! 

Meet :: Vanessa from Casa Dos Mael

 Casa Dos Mael guest posting on Love Notes | MontgomeryFest"B. and I had a sweet day together. We follow a few rules for Valentine’s Day: NEVER, absolutely never ever eat out! We hate crowds and can eat out any other day of the week (month, year…) so, why get upset with long waits and bad service? A wonderful at-home date night it was!We started the day together, he sweetly serves me a latte in bed every single day, so Friday was not any different! (I know how lucky I am!) Then, we baked a Valentine’s Day cake together: walnuts white dough, peanut butter and jelly (alternating) layers - his choice - and covered with chocolate! Crazy caloric, super delicious, def. a special cake!While the cake was cooling we headed to the pool! It was a glorious 55 degree and sunny day here in Denver, so we spent sometime outside, in the jacuzzi, having long conversations and drinking wine.Later B. had to go to work. I enjoyed my time alone by hiding some sweet messages for him in the house, courtesy of Mrs. Montgomery. He told me he arrived home pissed with work and saw a “You + Me” sticker outside, on the door and that made him smile! My day was made! Love Note Printables | MontgomeryFestLove Note Printables | MontgomeryFestAnd - it was a bummer: B.’s gift did not arrive on time due to the crazy snow in the East Coast. I got him a Gear Pro camera on an amazing promotion from Woot (from $400 for only $39!) and this is something he wanted so bad! It is set to arrive next week! Let’s see!To make up for that, I cooked him a Dutch oven chicken, turkey, potatoes and carrots traditional Brazilian recipe, so when he arrived home, it was ready, warm and delicious, ready for him to indulge! We snuggled on the bed and started a marathon of House of Cards, season 2. Are you guys into the Netflix series? They are just so, so good.I’ll tell you, my time with B. is just so precious. We have so much fun together, we laugh and cry and scream and yell and love each other deeply, every single day. He is the best gift in the world, his company, he is just an amazing lad."Casa Dos Mael guest posting on Love Notes | MontgomeryFestGood grief, they're cute!Thanks so much for sharing, Vanessa!!