Recipe | Green Bean Casserole


Thanksgiving Green Bean Casserole RecipeThe Green Bean Casserole recipe is my favorite of the Thanksgiving dishes. I always like to volunteer to bring it to potluck dinners since it feels like I'm delivering happiness. Just go with it.Since we're working with local ingredients for my expats out there, we're dishing the goods from scratch - start to finish. Yes, yes, it'd be easy for you Americans to run out and grab some French's fried onions, but these are 1. healthier (as far as fried onions go) and 2. from scratch (bragging rights til next year).Want to join in The Expat Holidays fun? Tag your thanksgiving prep, party, or aftermath with #TheExpatHolidays on social media so we can celebrate together around the world! We're gearing up to host another Thanksgiving dinner at our place and I can't wait to dig in with friends!Thanksgiving Green Bean Casserole RecipeUsing fresh ingredients made from scratch! Thanksgiving Green Bean Casserole Recipe | MontgomeryFestGreen Bean Casserole Recipe[yumprint-recipe id='13']