Goodbye Brussels


Brussels happy street performers | MontgomeryFestAnd just like that, that phase of our life was through. No longer expats. No longer locals or Europeans, at least not physically. Where we spent the first two years of marriage. Where we learned to be husband and wife and the joys and difficulties of marriage while figuring out how to live in our new culture. A culture so diverse and eclectic and stubborn that figuring out has proved laughable. Making it necessary for sanity's sake to see more and understand more. And we did. We swept each other away to exotic destinations and celebrated each other and this life, our life in the most romantic of settings. Many parts fantasy and dreams and equal parts reality and daily life. This chapter is just barely closing, but it feels like a total dream. We were spoiled and spoiled each other and if it were a book, it would be one of the greatest love stories filled with adventure in the mountains and the seas and colors so deep, you can't believe they're real and romance in the vineyards of Tuscany and on the ocean banks of Portugal. We traveled to fourteen different countries on two continents in just under two years. We learned 'cheers' and 'thank you' in a dozen languages and hosted friends from across the world. The stories our dinner table could tell!The reason MontgomeryFest came to be. And now what do we do with it? I've confidently answered that question countless times and yet I don't know. We'll keep keepin on, we will. With new backdrops. With wider streets and more sun. I forecast a lot of beach photos and sun setting photos, but, really, I don't know. I'm impatiently being patient to see what it looks like. What our new world smells like. What colors surround our view when we sit down with friends in our living room. New friends. Friends we haven't met yet, but in years to come, we'll look back and remember the first days that we met.The good and the bad, the magical nights and the frustrating ones, this place will always make us smile.Goodbye Brussels.

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