Gift Guide / Gifts That Give Back


GIFT GUIDE // These companies give back on every purchase you make with them, so you can feel extra good about gifting these items (or treating yourself!)We're not big consumers over here. This sounds like a funny way to start off a shopping guide. We have everything we need when we sit on the floor at our coffee table and eat dinner next to each other. We're immensely blessed for that. But this time of year when everything is about spending - spending time, spending money - I can't help but feel guilty that we're taking these blessings for granted. That many people don't have the luxury of having Uber deliver practically anything your taste buds decide for you. And while we don't get to live in that hut in Papua New Guinea that I wanted to spend my days helping someone every damn day, there are things we can do from our luxurious floor. It's so important, especially in our crazy world today, to stand together and support each other as humans, no matter where you happened to be born. One of the easiest ways that we can help out is by shopping for gifts with purpose. By being mindful of where we shop, we can support a marketplace made by those that do all of the hard, empowering work for us. Those that do the reaching out to artisans and the traveling to the far away places and those that spend the time teaching others in underdeveloped areas and providing them with employment opportunities to join our marketplace. They do all of this and it creates such a sweet spot for us to support while we gift their beautiful, story-worthy pieces to our loved ones. Talk about Christmas cheer around the world!I've rounded up a stellar line up of companies whose missions are to do and to empower. (Not to mention, each one of these pieces is insanely gorgeous) Let us make all of this consumerism count towards something big, something beautiful. Take it away, ladies!1. FashionABLE works with women both locally and globally who have overcome a full range of challenges to provide education and employment opportunities so that they are able to live better lives.2. Kurandza, meaning to love in Changana, creates handcrafted accessories made by a women's sewing cooperative for HIV-positive women in Mozambique.3. Mi Esperanza is breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty by sustaining change in the lives of women in the villages surrounding Tegucigalpa, Honduras.4. Tribe Alive works to break the cycle of poverty by providing female artisans with the tools, training and support needed to reclaim their futures and thrive as independent business women.5. Mulxiply currently works with four artisan groups in the Kathmandu Valley. Together, they create dignified jobs for the people of Nepal, while honoring their heritage and keeping age-old handicraft alive.6. Moorea Seal donates 7% of all proceeds towards five rotating non-profits to give to a variety of worthy causes.Alas, I've described them in one liners, but these lines are bursting with so much more. I encourage you to read more about them. Even if you don't purchase anything, just be aware and be inspired and the next time you get that guilty feeling that you need to get a gift, consider a gift that matters. And, if somehow this blog post supports women like Cecelia, I'm all for that.