Favorite Instagram Editing Apps

Instagram editing apps | MontgomeryFestWhat I'm about to tell you is so self-absorbed, so very I-know-you-know-this-stuff-already, so 2014, but I'm doing it anyway. Just know that the irony is not lost on me.Instagram, you guys! I'm sharing my favorite editing apps as part of Helene and Taylor's Blogtober, where they blog every day in October and I...don't. These are the three major players in my insta-game. In my very amateur insta-game, let me include. Mind you, all of this depends on what kind of mood I'm in. So as a disclaimer, this is only relevant to this week. You know how it is. Let's get to it -// VSCOcam - I use this one for the filters. I love their color range and they're so good at the grainy. Plus, they've got a great community goin' on. Just scrolling through their hashtags is inspiration enough.// AfterLight - I like the lightening tools in this guy. I usually crop in here and if I'm feeling extra whimsical, I'll use the light beams because light beams are fun.// Snapseed - There's this selective adjust function that I can't find anywhere else. Sometimes, you put a filter on and a particularly important part of the photo gets drained or unfortunately highlighted and it's such a shame. You don't want to forgo the entire beautiful filter, so in comes selective adjust to hone in on your problem spot. This makes it sound way more important than it really is. Lean in with me..After that, I'll load it into Instagram. I've been impressed with their Lux tool as of late, so I'll usually play with it somewhere between 0-50 before I caption it, tag it, submit it. Bam! And then I usually put my phone on the other side of the room so that I don't mindlessly check it on the minute - it's the world we live in. I've accepted it.These are my humble offerings. Please share your infinite secrets to perfecting the pretty photo and rock my world. Please..Oh yeah. Here's my Instagram - come say hi!