Playlist // Ode to Fall


ODE TO FALL // Fall playlist | MontgomeryFestHere's to the shorter nights holding on to every second of the sun's gold toned hue before the lights of the city meet their neighboring stars.  Here's to the dinner parties filled with laughter and new friends becoming old pals. Let this be the tune in the background that lulls the conversation into one of emotion and warms the soul.Here's to summer's closing and the calm and reflective mood that fills the autumn air before the bustle of the holidays take over. A little folk and a lot of heart, I'm sharing the mellow mood that has been spinning under the needle lately.This season is filled with changes and heavier notes as we prep for the chillier weather. Here's to making the most of it all and doing it with the ones we love. I give you my Ode to Fall playlist. Here, have a listenWhat's your go-to tunes with hosting a gathering?