Entertaining: Four Go-To Easy Patio Meals


5 Go-To Easy Patio Meals for Entertaining OutsideWe've been taking full advantage of our patio setting and enjoying many a dinner outdoors this summer. With the sun setting sooner and the night's chill having us reach for one more layer, our patio nights are changing with the new season. What's not changing are the dishes that have been our go-to. Tried and true dishes that make our life so much easier when we have a full day of exploring and friends meeting us on our patio in the evening. These are great for packing up and bringing to picnics, movies in the park, or just moving your dinner table to the back garden. We've rounded up our favorites to give you some ideas on quick dishes!

Quinoa Salad

If we don't have quinoa salad once a week, then we have quinoa salad twice a week. It's a super food and very easy to store, so we always have it on hand. The salad is light, while still filling, so it makes for a healthy and delicious meal. Recipe: Mediterranean Quinoa Salad5 Go-To Easy Patio Meals for Entertaining Outside


Major party pleaser alert. We have to grab at these early because they're gone way to fast. Italian bites are made for al fresco dining and bruschetta is such a classic that I was pretty dang happy to find out how easy it is to make! Recipe: Bruschetta5 Go-To Easy Patio Meals for Entertaining Outside

Cucumber Feta Salad

This is the newest dish in our repertoire. I'm a big (BIG) fan of cucumbers and tomatoes and feta, definitely feta, so it's confusing why this one took so long for us to find. Recipe: Cucumber Feta Salad5 Go-To Easy Patio Meals for Entertaining Outside

Cheese Board

A cheese board is a perfectly good meal, I always say. Just make sure you pair it with crackers and always have fruit in reach. We usually go with a trio of Camembert, garlic Boursin, and Roquefort, but whatever your combo, choose a mix of types to please the whole table. Serve (every dish) with a bottle of wine, of course.5 Go-To Easy Patio Meals for Entertaining Outside

What are your go-to meals for gathering friends outside?