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Desk Tour featuring Minted art prints | MontgomeryFest

Hi! Hi, welcome! I'm practically giddy to introduce MFestHQ today. Oh, that would be my desk. Just go with it. Sadly, we're not winning any awards over here in the speedy decorating-our-new-home department, but we're getting there, little by tortoise-style slow little. To kick it into gear, I created a couple of inspiration boards to hold me accountable to you and to Minted when they wanted to send me cute art work. I'm really glad it worked. I feel Carrie would be proud, between my cupcake tray jewelry holder and my little nook in the kitchen that, if it had a window in front, would be very SATC-esque - when she gets her grown-up remodel in the movie, obviously.This wall is my favorite mix of clean lines and quirky, unexpected you-have-to-read-a-little-into-them details. I'm a big fan of mixed metals. It reminds me of my wedding rings. And I loved hearing everyone's picks, it feels like you're a part of this thing too! The Periodic Table of Elements easily pulled in a win from the crowd and now I have no excuse not to know my symbols. The Little Prince is a sweet nod to our frenchiness and a reminder to me not to over think my hand lettering (ugh. constantly!). But my favorite quirk has to be the A (for Annie) chatting...because it's believable. Here are the prints we chose..

Little Prince | Something to Say | Periodic Table of Elements

Desk Tour featuring Minted art prints | MontgomeryFestDesk Tour featuring Minted art prints | MontgomeryFestDesk Tour featuring Minted art prints | MontgomeryFestDesk Tour featuring Minted art prints | MontgomeryFestIf you look over to your left.. *flattens hand like a serving tray to gracefully show you an inch over*We spent a lot of time getting to know the people at the East Bay West Elm finding the perfect Annie desk when their lamp stole my heart. The chair rounded it out nicely from our dining room collection in Dallas. The finishing touches are the work of Anthropologie - a brass clip to showcase my latest doodles and these drawer pulls that I'm completely heart eyes over. Oh, and I have an unhealthy attraction to gold paper clips. That rounds off our tour.A huge THANK YOU to Minted for the beautiful art prints. I'd love to hear if which pieces you go with!