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2016. What. A. Year. Phew! Let's all pat ourselves on the back for making it through this one together. Even though we've all had a few rough patches that this year's brought us, we've had a lot of good to be thankful for this year too. I mean, we moved back to Europe! The UK quickly voted to separate themselves from their EU friends shortly thereafter, but I digress. Here's some of our favorites from 2016, chronologically ordered for you, just like you like it (you'll laugh later).// The January we moved to London!// The February with the most popular blog post on MFest (apparently you like organizing).// The March we explored London's pretty pastel side.// The April we took you on a proper tour of London.// The May we ventured outside of London and fell in love with Brighton.// The June we shared that epic anniversary trip to Bordeaux.// The July we reminisced about Paris in the Springtime.// The August we launched art prints in the shop!// The September we spent lots of outside entertaining on our patio.// The October that life took a major turn and the blog laughed.// The November we hosted our first Thanksgiving in London.// The December Winchester turned on the Christmas charm.