Day Trip to Belém, Portugal


day trip to Belem, Portugal | MontgomeryFestThis post is brought to you by sunshine.We celebrated our two year anniversary with a trip to Portugal. And then we fell head over heels for it. So, what I'm saying is it was very appropriate. We flew into Lisbon and fairly immediately adjusted our retirement'll see us again Portugal, all of us a little more aged. The colors and the sunshine and the vibe and..and..but then we realized Portugal has no faults so then it made sense. Humble too. I like a country to be humble about its gorgeous, like an Austria. The Austria of the South. But also really similar to Italy....but clean and tasteful. Sorry..but I'm kinda not. There was a spiral there.While we were in Lisbon, we caught a quick bus out to Belém. It makes for a good afternoon trip from the city, as it's a bit more restful and slower paced. The sun seemed to shine brighter and we felt gelato was fitting, as it usually is. We even caught a little rest under a palm tree in the park when the sun got to be too much.We left with some serious pink on our noses but J had made fun of tourist garb earlier that day so we couldn't buy the tourist hats. instantkarma.Jerónimos Monastery in Belém, Portugal | MontgomeryFestBelém holds two UNESCO sites - the intricate Jerónimos Monastery and the Torre de Belém that sits in the Tagus River. Along with the Monument to the Discoveries portraying Henry the Navigator and many other prominent figures in Portuguese history, the area commemorates the Age of Discovery from the 15th century. I tried some Little Mermaid action lifting myself up to look like another navigator figure. Unsuccessul. I blame the photographer.Belém, Portugal | MontgomeryFestBelém, Portugal | MontgomeryFestMonument to the Discoveries in Belém, Portugal | MontgomeryFestBelém, Portugal | MontgomeryFestrad. Torre de Belém in Portugal | MontgomeryFestBelém, Portugal | MontgomeryFestTorre de Belém in Portugal | MontgomeryFest

So many more photos from Portugal to come. So many more..