Crafting the Perfect Gift


Crafting the Perfect Gift with Hallmark | MontgomeryFestWhen it comes to gift giving, I've always enjoyed crafting the perfect gift in the form of care packages. Something thoughtful that says - this *insert adjective + item* made me think of you and with a touch of luxury that they wouldn’t normally splurge on for themselves. I like a good theme to tie the gifts all together. It's kind of like a challenge, almost like the analytical side of my brain and the creative side are in harmony when I'm trying to craft the perfect gift.When I had the chance to partner with Hallmark, I jumped at the chance to show you what great products they're workin' with these days. We all know them for their greeting cards (Studio INK, speakin' my love language), but their gift selection is overflowing. It smelled like Christmas heaven in the store and brought back so many childhood memories of ornaments.My eyes immediately found the Crafters & Co. section. I fell for their funky, but feminine packaging. Justin said it was because it looked like Anthropologie would sell it and then things just all made much more sense. You can personalize it by mixing and matching the different colors and patterns. I put together a video to craft the perfect holiday, birthday, or hostess gift...when you don't want to be just another guest with a bottle of wine. Check out the video after the jump!Crafting the Perfect Gift with Hallmark | MontgomeryFestCrafting the Perfect Gift with Hallmark | MontgomeryFestCrafting the Perfect Gift with Hallmark | MontgomeryFestCrafting the Perfect Gift with Hallmark | MontgomeryFestTo create this sweet package, I picked up a cute, little burlap sack from Target. It's great for presentation and practical uses. And then I attacked the Crafters & Co. section and spent way too much time mixing and matching all of the patterns and color combos!The candles all smelled so delicious that it was hard to choose, but I went with the holiday themed (mostly because I'm a big fan of chartreuse) fresh-cut fir scent. The teas come in loose leaf and individual sachets if you don't own the necessary tea steeping accessories. The yellow pattern is called Cuddle Up, so I had to. And, finally, I mixed in a peony scented soap with the prettiest green and pink wrapping.Throw in a bouquet of flowers for good measure and you're all set!Crafting the Perfect Gift with Hallmark | MontgomeryFestThis post is in partnership with Hallmark but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.