Cluck, Cluck, Goose


Roger Roger voguingY'all. Look at these chickens! When we had our little castle tour the other weekend (what a weird phrase), I met these chickens. They were outside of that wonderfully pink building near the first castle and these cluckers made my day. I couldn't decide whether or not this Roger fella (he kinda looks like a Roger?) loved me or wanted to peck my eyes out, but I was intrigued. Well, intrigued only outside of the he couldn't reach my eyes. That was until I did some research because I'm still in love with Roger and he's a chicken and it's been two weeks and that's weird. Anyway, Barred Rock Chickens, as they're called, are friendly and curious and will "inquisitively watch you as you move around." So, we all agree that in the event that J and I EVER get tired of living in the city and decide to have a yard big enough to own Rogers, we're getting chickens, right? After a dog....because we need photos like this. And also, I googled 'dog and chicken friends' for you. You're welcome.Is this free range?^ Do you see how the chickens/roosters came running when they saw us?? so curiously. so inquisitively. And how the ducks had a different plan. | Down here is what I'm talking about wanting to peck my eyes out. Don't be so creepy, Roger.Roger's crazy eyeStop it, RogerAlso, I'm aware that no one should have this many photos (plus a video) of chickens on their phone.

On a completely related note..

I drew on that egg

The eggs here are all brown. And the yolk is a whole somethin' different too - almost orange. The locals say it's because they're free-range..but who knows.

HAPPY EASTER!(see how that worked out?)