Celebratory Things


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About this time every year, our explorations go into hibernation as my mister endures the affectionately termed BS, short for busy season or other reasonable phrases. Wait, to be fair. I say every year, but there were those two years with that whole work-life balance Euro lifestyle, which is to say, heavy on the life. Don't get me wrong, we still complained with the rest of the Europeans that the hours were 'so long!' It came back with a vengeance. Thanks America.But! Now! When it's all over.. When the clouds part and the dust settles.. When it's time to finally see your husband outside of the squinty-eyed good night and good morning kisses, there's this renewed sense of appreciation for life and quality time. It totally calls for celebratory things!Celebratory things like lace and cake and party skirts and bubbles, most definitely bubbles...probably on the beach.What I'm saying here is cheers friend! If you need us, we'll be on a patio...together!