Bonn, Deutschland


..and since we were in Germany and since the day was a total beaut and since the Fasching party-goers were crowding our sight-seeing in Cologne, we took that pretty, pretty Rhine river drive down to Bonn, Germany. And got our day trip double feature on. Bonn, Germany | MontgomeryFestBy the looks of it, Bonn enjoyed its own version of Fasching that day too. Except theirs seemed a bit more traditional and less street party. More colonial headdresses and less spandex bodysuits. I feel like one of these is my husband and one of these is me.Bonn, Germany | MontgomeryFestBonn, Germany | MontgomeryFestOh, hey Spring! Is that you?Cherry blossoms in Bonn, Germany | MontgomeryFestBonn, Germany | MontgomeryFestBonn boasts the birthplace of Mr. Ludwig van Beethoven. Here he is in green -Beethoven statue in Bonn, Germany | MontgomeryFestBonn, Germany | MontgomeryFestThey're also known for their pretty pastel colored buildings, which we were totally digging.Pastel colored buildings in Bonn, Germany | MontgomeryFestUniversity in Bonn, Germany | MontgomeryFestIsn't that the most picturesque university building?! The campus was lined with trees and lovely paths, but the dead of winter gets the best of us all. Here's to Spring and here's to listening to Beethoven on a picnic blanket underneath the trees..