Bon Voyage Party


Bon Voyage Party | MontgomeryFest Annabelle, ma belle, came into town and we did absolutely nothing touristy outside of pointing to the Parliament on our way to brunch. I absolutely reveled in the good girl time and the slow pace and the reminiscing of living in the same city back when home was Dallas and all of the shenanigans us two girls got into in the different neighborhoods. Oh, the stories. Annabelle has the biggest heart and she gives it in such a contagious way. She also has the best laugh. Days later and I'm still smiling at how much sweet is inside one little human.

One of her days, we selfishly planned a going away party so I could show her off and introduce her to a few of our friends in Brussels (also, it's fun that she's 2-for-2 on our going away parties in 2 different countries). The whole thing was just a gathering of superlatives. Paula and Roy opened their home to our krewe and bar-be-qued a feast of deliciousness. The generosity of that couple, I can't even begin. I annoy myself at the number of 'thank you's they have to hear from us. But, seriously. Soo many thank yous.

I wanted to document the day, but, as with most days this full, the camera didn't come out as much as it should have. So, here's a photo journal of a day where we didn't take a lot of photos. A day where we were preoccupied with happiness and love for friends. These friends of ours. I tell ya. I can't brag on them enough.

Bon Voyage Party | MontgomeryFest

I know. I can't even handle that one.

Bon Voyage Party | MontgomeryFestBon Voyage Party | MontgomeryFestBon Voyage Party | MontgomeryFestBon Voyage Party | MontgomeryFestBon Voyage Party | MontgomeryFestThis family right here. We're completely blessed to have met them and got to share this expat experience with them. But also, its their fault I have this stinkin baby fever. Just look at them. Sheesh. Can we also talk about how Paula glows? This is when we discuss how she's beautiful inside and out..And there you have it. One step closer to leaving. 'See ya later's said and an awkward amount of hugs given. I'm not going to cry.I'm not going to do it.Okay. Maybe a little..but then I think about where in the world we'll meet up with each of them next and I'm back!