Birthday Boy

MontgomeryFestJ is a Christmastime baby. Which is the worst kind of baby. I kid, obviously. But when it comes to birthday parties, its null. We're two years running on having a kick ass party of two on his big day. I'm not going to complain that I don't have to share him, but I know it's hard on him that no one else is in town/remembers to make him feel extra special. I mean, I do my share by bringing him to really cool places and making sure there's confetti (blue, because it's his favorite) and we're also going to have to consider half-birthdays because I like to plan stuff.So! In honor of his birthday, here are 10 things which may or may not be relationship code. Sorry, Love.

1. He kisses me first thing when he walks in the door at night, regardless of the bag/papers/groceries he has in his hands. 2. He doesn't believe in cologne/perfume and smells fresh constantly. And the few times that he's been not fresh, he smells like coffee. 3. He is really good about making up songs to sing to me. My fave is the one of us climbing the stairs. 4. He has the greatest work ethic of anyone I've ever met. 5. When Deacon Tim asked me why I wanted to marry him, I started bawling immediately (partly because he told me I couldn't look at J) and could only muster little words like 'he'' and point to J's arm around me 'that.' And then Deacon Tim called me a cry-baby...affectionately, I'm sure. 6. He will be an amazing father one day. And needs a daughter.....way, way in the future. 7. Kid can't dance. (but he's promised me dance lessons) 8. He doesn't remember the first time we met. (In his version, the second time we met was the first time.) 9. He's the yin to my yang. the organized to my creative. the almonds to my gummy bears. 10. Speaking of, he craves healthy foods. Who does that?! 11. He is the most genuine, level-headed, sincerely good person I know.

That was 11, because I'm not totally sure who #5 was about.Happy Birthday, Love. You rock my world.