Behind the Scenes // The Creative Process


Behind the Scenes // The Creative Process | MontgomeryFestAnna from Go Home and Away, Jess from Jess-On-Thames and Christie from KiKiMac // An excerpt from my list of blogger superlatives AND the gals who invited me to chat about the process over here at MontgomeryFest.


what are you working on?

Currently, we're trying to figure out where to go with the blog now that we're in San Francisco. Everything was created and organized by our life in Brussels. It's proving to be less straight forward than I'd like. That's why I enlisted help from only the best. Please refer to this post to be a part of this elite group. You know you wanna and also, please. There's also the figuring out of how to capture our new city and how to explore it. That totally counts as work, right? I'm brainstorming how to update the blog design and creating a media kit. And I've been working on a few designs for cards - I'll talk more about this one next week.

how does your work differ from others of its genre?

That would be my perspective and my voice. I write about our life and how we experience it. Most of our photos are from the Mister and I edit them, which is a wonderful and strange dynamic all on its own. My mom tells me stories about how she and her friends would take the same subject and individually paint it, not showing each other til the end. The result was always beautiful, always drastically different. We're doing that here in a way. Writing about our lives, wherever we are in the world, however we see the sunset. Just take this blog tour, I've read so many beautiful pieces and took away something different from each writer on these four little questions.

why do you write/create what you do?

I started this thing to keep in touch. We had just gotten married and were moving to a new continent. The photo journal quickly turned selfish when I realized how much I needed this accountability after we returned from holiday. If I didn't organize photos and put words next to them quickly, it wasn't going to happen. And it would be a shame to forget the colors in that flower garden in Florence. And then, slowly. It turned into something I never could have imagined. I was introduced to this incredible network of bloggers (they are reason enough to keep up with this thing). I learned that expat life has its similarities from Brussels to Moscow to Iceland and that I was curious about how they lived it. So I wrote more about how we were living it incase it helped others. I feel fortunate we got to shine a light on quiet, little Belgium, so it makes my day when I hear that people checked out a new city because of us (like, beaming happiness).I also have a lot of musings. Like, a lot. This thing gives me a creative outlet. I've always doodled and wrote stories in my head. This gives me a place to share it and my hope is that it will inspire someone in some way. I've noticed it in our photography too. Guys. We're so amateur. But we get the sweetest comments, whether it's smoke or not, it makes me want to try so much harder. It's fun (and a bit embarrassing) to see the change over time, but if I didn't put them out there, I know we wouldn't improve. Every aspect of having a blog pushes me and I'm so thankful at how much I've grown from it.

how does your writing/creative process work?

Our social calendar and our editorial calendar are phhretty close in tune. Whether it's a music festival or fleet week, if we take photos, we'll usually share it soon after, if not just a snippet on Instagam. There is this weird thing where we're suuper left brained about organizing and posting in chronological order. There have been some majorly nerdy discussions regarding where the creativity should sit as compared to the box. Quite a bit of our posts stem from Sunday afternoon itches to get out and try something new or discover a new neighborhood, or experiment in the kitchen. Photographs ensue, the big camera is usually in Justin's hands and the insta-snaps in mine. It's always funny to see how differently we portray the same scenes.Foooor instance, in the middle of writing this post, I got a random thought from Mr. Montgomery:What if we didn't go to the beach today?(sassy stare from the other room)What if we went for a long walk?(silence..maybe a bird chirp)Like, a really long walk. Like, to Sausalito!(finally) me: heck yeah!So, then we might take a few fun fotos while we're out. And if I find time to edit them this week, they'll go up with any quirky commentary that inevitably came up.


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