seeing things + being together | Barcelona edition


Barcelona, Spain | MontgomeryFestBarcelona, Spain | MontgomeryFest Barcelona, Spain | MontgomeryFestFont Magica in Barcelona, Spain | MontgomeryFestFont màgica de Montjuïc in Barcelona, Spain | MontgomeryFestFont màgica de Montjuïc in Barcelona, Spain | MontgomeryFestFont màgica de Montjuïc in Barcelona, Spain | MontgomeryFestFont màgica de Montjuïc in Barcelona, Spain | MontgomeryFestThe view from Font Magica in Barcelona, Spain | MontgomeryFestOur primary purpose for a Barcelona voyage was to see the music. Secondly, it was to see the city, again. And since we had already seen the main attractions in the city, it was to explore a little further.There's always something we forget to bring when we travel. We hit up the shopping district. We bought swimsuits, by the way. Both of which I love and both of which we were confident we would need in Morocco. The latter wasn't true. It's whatever. Come August, when we're living in our new home, they'll come in handy. But then again, I guess we'll have all of our swimsuits anyway. Where did this even come from? Because it's practically summer, yo. ps. that was a tiny clue.I'm gonna do it and say the food is the best part about Barcelona. We revisited our favorite pintxos restaurant BUT we did not eat at our favorite Mexican food restaurant in Europe. That's probably one of those things that's more monumental to us than we should bring up to people. Proud penguins, we are. Pound sign willpower. Though, it's only because we'll have all the Mexican food we can imagine in a month + a half. ps. another one.A metro ride and a walk through a vintage bus exhibit brought us to the Font Màgica de Montjuïc (The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc). It was a grand sight to see, if not a welcome cool down when the breeze would cover us with mist. We claimed a center spot a little too eagerly. We waited. Allegedly the show was every 30 minutes, according to the internet. Our expectations adjusted by the minute. Two too many groups asked J to take a photo of them (read: two groups asked him to take a photo), so we moved on. The view from the top was worth the hike. Fine! We rode was hot. A storm rolled in and we rolled out. Apparently, there's a light spectacular at night. Send us photos if you go. Thanks to Cassandra's recommendation, we dined at Can Recasens, where the halls are lined with fruits and veggies. I'm talkin, loads of them. Also, this place is a labyrinth. We couldn't figure out the front from the side and what was going on upstairs. Actually, that could have been the Spanish wine. We filled up on tomato bread and the largest mixed meat+cheese plate we've ever had...they aren't playin around. We chatted about our weekend in Barcelona, leaving for Morocco the next day, and the big move back across the Atlantic that awaits us.

Can RecasensRambla del Poblenou 102 08005 Barcelona

That's my favorite part on holidays. After the long days of discovering and finding. After the photographs have been taken and the stories are filling up my head. After the walking and the hills are over and my feet can finally rest. We sit down for dinner, try the local fare and suggested bottle of wine. We chat about the day's mischief and how blessed we are. Because, at the end of the day, the best part about all of it, ALL OF IT, is just being together. 

'Here's to being together. And to being together being enough.' isn't she the loveliest?!