New Years Eve | Barcelona


Barcelona, Spain

So, like a month ago, we spent New Years in Barcelona. That city, man. We've never come away with so many top-notch recs from such a tiny visit, so I'll include the eateries we remember.

On the Eve, we caught an early morning flight from Gran Canaria to Barcelona. Sans brunch, sadly. We learned quickly that Barcelona is a lot more spread out than most big cities and the metro stops aren't so conveniently placed either. So, by the time we dropped bags off at the hotel and made it to any attraction, it was mid afternoon and only a couple of hours before sunset. Plus the hangry was setting in. In the midst of El Barri Gòtic (the Gothic Quarter), we found this trendy little pintxos spot that had the variety of eats - jackpot! It's set up like a buffet, where you grab the dishes that you want and can go back for more. Each dish had a skewer attached that you discard in a leetle cup. Then you pay by skewer. These are notes to remember because it was kinda confusing at first. The portions were generous and all were tasty. It's definitely on our list to return -

Bilbao Berria
Plaça Nova 3
*that's our location ^. here's the 2nd one, it's a bit more fancy:
C/Argenteria 6

The night continued with a stop at the nearby street market to pick up THESE shiny things. We meandered through the quarter as it quickly turned dark. In and out of the cathedral and down to the waterfront. We grabbed a toddy at Tapatapa near the dock.

Moll d'Espanya 5

Barcelona, Spain | MontgomeryFest

Barcelona, Spain | MontgomeryFest

Barcelona, Spain | MontgomeryFestBarcelona, Spain | MontgomeryFest

We had booked our NYE dinner on a whim just a couple nights in advance. The resto had high remarks on TripAdvisor and BCN, but we were mid holiday and not too concerned with researching at the time. That made how great it turned out to be that much more delightful! We showed up to our reservation around 21 and were led downstairs to a more secluded dining area. A few other guests quickly filled up the other tables. We were served Cava immediately and our fourteen course meal started shortly after. I only slightly kid - it was six courses, but each one was served as two half dishes per course. so. much. food. and all more impressive than the previous. Part of the dessert course was an after-dinner bev - mini gin & tonics (apparently Barcelona's signature drink) served over dry ice. It was cool (ba dum tshh!).

Barcelona, Spain | MontgomeryFest

Barcelona, Spain | MontgomeryFest
Barcelona, Spain | MontgomeryFest

Barcelona, Spain | MontgomeryFestBarcelona, Spain | MontgomeryFestBarcelona, Spain | MontgomeryFest

How to celebrate Ano Nuevo (New Year) in Barcelona::
At 24h, twelve bell chimes sound.
The tradition is to eat a grape with each chime.
If when the last chime sounds, there are no grapes left on the plate,
you will have a year filled with good luck. 

Alas, midnight struck. The room went wild. It was magical. Magical, I tell ya! Gold streamers flying everywhere. Older couples dancing around the room. *clink* *smack* all that jazz. And then the chimes started. Okay. First and foremost, these grapes had seeds in them. They were also not petite in size. That's out in the open. J and I start concentrating on popping the grapes. After a few, I look up and he's finished! Still more chimes left. This would have seemed normal had I not had grape juices oozing out when the last bell chimed and I had to spit out the seeds because they were not going down. I'm sorry for that visual, but this is a little reminder to myself, and a PSA if you will, that next year it's all seedless grapes. Don't forget.

They also sent us home with a present. I mean! A kraft beverage bag with a craft beer in it! It's a Santiago by Mateo & Bernabé - uhh 2nd prize winner at the World Beer Awards 2013, if you're curious. So, if you're looking for exquisite dining in Barcelona, because surely they're great on a typical Tuesday too, check it out:

Carrer de la Fusina, 3
08003 Barcelona