Baby Montgomery


baby announcementWe're thrilled to announce Baby Montgomery is due in June!This has been such a surreal, exciting time for us! New normals include narrating mundane life at home to my stomach so that baby hears my voice, Justin calling us his girls which I hope never, ever stops giving me butterflies, and pickles. Pickles aren't exactly new, but dill pickles in sets of three in each sitting (sittings aren't necessarily far apart) are. We've been going through two jars a week. I currently have an empty bowl in front of me.I've had a fairly easy pregnancy, save for the exhaustion. Not a lick of morning sickness. It has made my usual lower back pain flair up as my body figures out where its equilibrium is relocated and then relocated again.I'm twenty weeks along. That's five months and halfway through! The past month, I've been gaining weight all around (why am I telling you this??) and just this past week or so my belly has started to look round.We've slowly been telling our friends and family in person as much as we can. The first question people ask is how I'm feeling. Answering with "no morning sickness!" has been met with many stories of baby boys. I never felt an intuition of the gender, but after hearing so many stories, I began to believe it and it sank in further and further. So when people would ask me if I had a guess, I'd say a little mister. Apparently we ended up convincing ourselves from repeating it so much. As I laid there this past Wednesday, belly covered in jelly, my hearing glazed over the nurse telling us she saw a little girl. *eeerrrrrchh* wait, what?! The tears unexpectedly started flying.We're having a baby girl!Our hearts would be just as pleased had baby been a boy, but we were more surprised than we expected to be! Knowing the gender and calling her by name and "she" and "her" give us a fuller picture of our life in the near future (and further along to the teenage years. major eye roll.). Even if we decorate the nursery and teach them the same values, it feels like we're one step closer to wrapping our heads around how we'll approach it all.To say the least, we're excited for this next adventure!