Auld Lang Syne | Wallpaper Download


Ta da! We all blinked (a few thousand times) and here we are in the last week of the year. Let's take it out with some fireworks, shall we? If only in the form of a wallpaper download, I'm okay with that. What ARE your NYE plans, friends? I feel like I've completely gone MIA. I miss you. As you might have noticed, MFest enjoyed a few too many spirits over the holiday break and we're working on getting rid of her hangover. (Dangit Patrice!) While we're upgrading for the new year, I'm also in the market for a new logo - in case you know of a designer who shares my style..? All right, let's get to it. Have a great week. I'll be rooting for you..

Auld Lang Syne Wallpaper Download:


ps. If you post photos of my designs, I’d love to give it some love! Tag me with @anniemontgomerydesign


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