As of Late

In less than a month, we'll board our flight and land in our new home. The departure and arrival hours won't show it, but we'll spend quite alotta hours actually in the air. The excitement for that day really overshadows anything we'll miss about living in Brussels at the moment. Anything except for our friends, that is. So, as of late, that's what we've been focusing on..I have decided that afternoon dance parties should be mandatory. Okay.There was another bloggers meetup where the highlight was getting to meet my long-lost, J.Crew soul mate, Jordan, who trained it in from Heidelberg, Germany for the weekend. That's only because she's fantastic. There was a lot of high pitched 'ohmigosh. me too!'s that only the people doing the me toos love. You know the ones. Justin was all of a sudden very aware of being the only guy in the car and he certainly didn't love it. I should have thought to turn on NPR for him. Anyway, I feel proud knowing there are more of us in the world.That afternoon, we celebrated the summer solstice the best way we knew how - a picnic by the lakes! It was a perfect mix of warm sun and delicious salad, leisurely lounging and running around playing hide+seek with monkeys.Monkeys as cute as this one -Brussels-is-Boring | MontgomeryFestIsn't that a gorgeous photograph? That's my friend, Cass, working her camera magic. And her cutie, who is in all ways my style icon, you should know. (I bought a pair of glasses to match her mini ones and had an all-to-close-semi-meltdown when I couldn't find them that morning. I just wanna be honest with you.) So, here's the deal. Cass rocks at all things life related. And she's humble to boot, which just makes me want her in my life at all times. I mean it. I keep coming up with ridiculous schemes to make her hang out with me again - we've got something cooking that I'm no less than giddy about, so she wanted to practice with us. Guys. These are her quick, impromptu practice shots -Cass D Photography of MontgomeryFest Cass D Photography of MontgomeryFestYou're kidding me, right?! And just like that our new About Us page was born! ;)

ps. giving away a few fancy French greeting cards I painted yesterday over on instagram. But that's not even the fun part - come and leave a compliment for a friend or framily..I promise it'll brighten multiple peoples' days. seriously!