Around This Flat


For five months this has been our little home. It makes us happy and is ever-changing. A few snapshots from around this flat in its current state..MontgomeryFest's Vinyl CollectionLes Fleurs^music fills our life // there's leftover love day remnants and aren't you crazy impressed with those gigantic leaves??..straight up tropical in hereBasilFruit Bats^basil plant stuck around for one mozzarella and tomato snack, now its leaving us with a view // the song..our song..our life togetherAnthroLibrary^typical // the middle manMardi Gras Masks^festival posters yet to be unwrapped and unhung art from Gavin Guidry, age 5, budding artist.maybe one day we'll put this place together enough to feature a full-on tour.. we'll see.