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Paris, France | MontgomeryFestMerci coffee shop in Paris, France | MontgomeryFestWe recently found out that we're moving back stateside for sure and our immediate reaction was to book a trip to Paris. We won't live this close to this baby again for a while so we had to. And we did - our first free weekend, which happened to be a three day Easter holiday.We strolled the signature white boulevards and stopped in at merci for a gander at their exquisitely decorated, exquisitely overpriced showroom, which coordinated a serious greenhouse and exotic chicken coop for the holiday. Always a sight.We finally found the antiques market, Vernaison, that It Must Be Tuesday would looove! And it had two booths of our favorite little boutique! So we got a few diddies for our next home...crazy to think about it.Paris, France | MontgomeryFestTombees du Camion in Paris, France | MontgomeryFestParis, France | MontgomeryFestParis, France | MontgomeryFestParis, France | MontgomeryFestWe had dinner at an amazing recommendation. Try the lamb. Yum.

Le Bistrot d'Henri16 Rue PrincessParis, 75006

Le Bistrot d'Henri in Paris, France | MontgomeryFestWe were hungry at an American hour (way too early) but it was okay because, thankfully, the cook found it amusing that my red hat kept mooching by (that's my British means loitering) until they allowed seating - it was such a cute neighborhood! Anyway. We got out in time to run, literally run, to watch the sunset over the Seine River. Worth it.  I can't get over these shots Justin got..Paris, France | MontgomeryFestParis, France | MontgomeryFestParis, France | MontgomeryFestThe lawn of the Eiffel Tower is quite possibly the perfect picnic spot. so Parisian - whether you're a tourist or a local. On the hour, the little lady twinkles.Paris, France | MontgomeryFestThe Eiffel Tower in Paris, France | MontgomeryFest