Announcing The Shop!

Tour Eiffel Art Print - Parisian watercolor wall art by MontgomeryFest

Hello, hello lovely friends! I'm excited to announce the new SHOP menu. It's right up there ^ next to HOME with a few drop down categories. Art prints and postcards and baby gear, oh my! I've been furiously creating to prepare for the holidays and, whoa buddy, lots of ideas for holiday shopping (and just regular shopping) up ahead. Invite designs, sweet wishes, and some awfully great gift ideas. I have so much to share with you after the jump!  


This site began as a travel blog. After all of that wanderlust inspiration, it was only fitting that this undercover artist bring those travels to art. First up, we have the Minted shop that houses a curated selection of my favorite photographs that we've taken. Framed or not framed, is then the question. The Palm Series, below, might just take the cake for my palm-tree-lovin' heart:Palm I // Minted Art PrintsPalm II // Minted Art Prints

Palm IPalm II

Bonus! Minted is launching exclusive online invitations and they are free through December 31! (You guys, that never happens) Which I'm thinking is just absolutely perfect timing to use my Watercolor Cocktails evite that I'm imagining ALL THE PARTIES with. Are you hosting a soirée this year? (Even if you don't throw an actual party, maybe just send me an evite so I can have the uber cool feeling of seeing my work in action? *squeal*) They come with lots of options for a unique interactive invitation. Here's a preview of the original options:New Year's Eve Watercolor Cocktail Invite // Minted's Online Invitations (free til Dec 31!)


Once I used Zazzle for our moving announcement postcards, I was hooked on the convenience of it all. The postcard option made the whole process much more simplified and since you don't have to win a competition to get in, I find the creatives can really have fun with their vision. So, it's my new favorite. I've created a few collections of whimsical, hand lettered cards that come with my Instagram photos or you can fill it with a photo of your own! Here are a few samples from the holiday line:Merry + Bright Holiday Photo PostcardsCozy Holiday Photo Postcards


Because it is the one thing that we carry with us at all times, it better look hella good, right?? Casetify turns your tech pieces into Instagram photo props (you know it's true). There's a wide selection of cases for tonzzz of phone types and tablets and laptops, pretty much anything you're sporting right now (except maybe that 1990 flip phone, my friend)... A sampling of my iPhone cases, if you will:Watercolor // Casetify Phone CasesArrows // Casetify Phone CasesOh, and one last thing! If you use my designs, tag me in it with @montgomeryfest and #mfestdesigns so I can leave it some love! 


B`MINTED, ZAZZLE, SOCIETY6 AND FOR FABRIC - SPOONFLOWER AND HAWTHORNE ause it is the one thing that we carry with us at all times, it better look hella good, right?? Casetify turns yoCheerio! xxo.