And Then Everything Changed


I've met some pretty amazing people via this little space on the internet. Alaina Isbouts, being one of the dear hearts that I now call friend. Well, Alaina went and did this badass thing of writing a book. This book that lays around our living room, so casually. This book that she gave me the opportunity to illustrate the cover and I just smile every time I see it. It's called "And Then Everything Changed" and it's a must read.I know I'm biased because I have a little part to play in it, but the reason I became friends with Alaina in the first place is because her writing is so warm and inviting. She writes of a story close to her own experience that pulls you in. There's travel, there's romance, there's bloody good writing (Is this okay to say? We're still figuring this part of UK life out).

You can get your own copy of "And Then Everything Changed" on Amazon USAmazon UK, or you can even get a signed copy from Alaina's site. I'd love to hear if you read it. And, better yet, snap a photo and tag us if you find yourself cuddled up with it!