48 Hours in Austin, Texas


48 Hours in Austin, TexasWith a run-through-the-airport pit stop in Dallas, we were welcomed into Texas with cowboy everything, 'Howdy.' included. We didn't have time to reenact our movie-worthy third date in the Terminal B Chili's, but we did fly out of the secluded little gate in the back of Terminal C. The one where we took off to Austin on our fourth date - last-minute consequence of that morning's mimosa brunch. These are all barely relevant details to the following story.Having lived in Dallas and making Austin our go-to when nothing was planned that weekend, we built up quite a to-do list of places that let us experience it as locals, but still keep the excitement that would have dulled had we lived there. Two years out of the country and a wedding to attend in the music city, these are the spots that we might have missed every day. Exaggerations aside, a former Texan's guide to 48 hours in Austin, Texas..Everybody's different. And that's rad.We woke up at 4am Thursday morning to catch the early flight out of SFO (which has actual breakfast tacos, you should know) and finally touched down for the long weekend at 4pm. Exactly....'what?!' Flying east, man. We had this grand idea of walking to Zilker Park and then catching a show somewhere on our way home that night. In between reminiscing our favorite ACL performances we'd been to and our different date night venues we passed along the way, we repeatedly questioned why we had been walking so long and where were all the trees?! This was the Texas we forgot. We were melting. But then, we got Tex Mex and it was all worth it. A beacon of light, that neon sign was. If you also find yourself in this helpless state, there's a Chuys right around the corner..

Chuys1728 Barton Springs Road

I don't have to describe to you the hot mess that was the Montgomerys that night. That's where Uber came in and became the only mode of transportation for these preferred pedestrians for the rest of the weekend. Those swollen feet and cheese-filled bellies were not makin it to a show. Alas. We were seriously regretting not having jumped in or at least got some rentals for the water.Weekend in Austin: floating the river | MontgomeryFestZilker Park canoes // Weekend in Austin | MontgomeryWeekend in Austin: Barton Springs | MontgomeryFestThe Tex Mex didn't stop there though. No, silly. Now that we were choosing our locales based on how much time in between air conditionings, our Friday lunch options were limited. Good thing there was an Uncle Julios down the street from us, say quarter of a football field length...in Texas speak.

Uncle Julios301 Brazos Street

All day, errry day.

Weekend in Austin: chips+salsa all day long | MontgomeryFestYeah, yeah, more food. But this time it's related to a wedding. That's actually the reason we made it down to Austin. Remember Jordan? Girl got hitched. Woop! (Aggie reference just for you, JJ) They set up a sweet little rehearsal dinner upstairs at..

Cover 32700 West Anderson Lane

I'm still thinking about that seared tuna. And, yes Europeans, we actually practice a wedding. Weirdos, right?The next morning, we found a French crêperie complete with Frenchies and all! It was a little bit magical, what with the best of both worlds - real bacon/friendly service + French cuisine. Okay, maybe the best is an exaggeration...we were still in the US. I miss you, Paris.

Le Café Crêpe200 San Jacinto Boulevard

Weekend in Austin: Café Crêpe | MontgomeryFest

This was our first wedding as a married couple. Cue giddy newlywed squeals for firsts that don't come around as often when you're 2.5 years into it. That's what being abroad in your late twenties will do. Sorry we missed so much, friends. Thankfully this weekend worked out to a T. We were actually supposed to be moving back to the States now...weird.Ahem.. Other newsworthy things listed here:

  • things like forgetting my bridesmaids dress in the closet in San Francisco and rush shipping a new one to the hotel.
  • things like moving to SF and forgetting the sun is out every day with subsequent varying tan lines for each of those days and having to tan on the roof to even out those lines because I naively chose a strapless dress.
  • one day, J and I even found ourselves rooftop tanning while using the whitening trays from our new dentist. We agreed we wouldn't tell people how vain that day was and then I put it on the blahg.

A paragraph devoted to Jordan + Mark. We can also call them The Beautiful People, TBP? It's whatever you prefer. Funny story, the four of us - A+J+J+M.. I'll stop. The four of us actually all started working at the same firm. I remember going to the copy room with Jordan this one time and Mark walked in to....do some copying? check to see if we were in there? (likely) And when he left, commence high pitched girl whispering over the latest development in their budding relationship hanging out (be cool, Annie). Actually, I take that back. The high pitched was probably only on my end. Jordan is one of the most level-headed, calm people I know. It's quite lovely to be around. Lucky you, Mark. Let's all be jealous that they're on a two-week honeymoon right now. You read that right.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center4801 La Crosse Avenue

Weekend in Austin: Mr. + Mrs. Jistel | MontgomeryFest berry bridesmaid bouquet | MontgomeryFestHow are we doing? There was a lot of scrolling to get down here.Sunday came and obviously brunch was in order. Real quick, let's talk about the food because it was amazing. A. Mazing. It's this place called Moonshine (thanks for the rec, Katie!), have you heard of it? So, anyway, the highlight. We got to double date with one of my blog besties. Christie from KiKiMac and I have been planning this day for forever, well ever since we knew we'd be in Austin in September 2014. I love blogger meet-ups. The world just makes a little more sense afterwards. It was lovely to see the dynamic between these two lovebirds and watch it play out better than I imagined after reading the words they gush about each other. There are so many things you can't do or talk about with regular friends that your blog friends just get. Things like, hand placement in photos and posing casually natural and husgers (husbands of bloggers) who understand that seventeen photos is always better than one while we discuss important blogging business like backgrounds. heh. Sorry KiKi dear, but you do that hair flip so well, I had to.

Moonshine303 Red River

Weekend in Austin: KiKiMacFest | MontgomeryFestWeekend in Austin: KiKiMacFest | MontgomeryFestWeekend in Austin: KiKiMacFest | MontgomeryFestWeekend in Austin: bloody marys at Moonshine | MontgomeryFestThe rest of the afternoon was spent wandering around the capital area. Neither of us had ever been inside the domed building before this. And, just as you would suspect, there are a dizzying number of stars. The Texas motto: When in doubt, put a star on it. Or something like that. I think the legislative room was the most impressive. Justin wouldn't let me sit in the chairs. Just wait til my gray hair starts showing, little old ladies get all the fun.Weekend in Austin: Texas capital building | MontgomeryFestWeekend in Austin: Texas capital building | MontgomeryFestWeekend in Austin: Texas State Legislature | MontgomeryFestWeekend in Austin: Bell tower | MontgomeryFestWeekend in Austin: vintage car | MontgomeryFestWeekend in Austin| MontgomeryFest Weekend in Austin: Victorian homes | MontgomeryFestWeekend in Austin: a bar, duh. | MontgomeryFestWeekend in Austin: 7th Street love | MontgomeryFestGoodbye Texas, I reckon we'll see you next year!