2015 Calendar Printable


2015 Printable Calendar | MontgomeryFestHappy New Year! *insert confetti emoji* It's the first Monday of the year, so it totally still counts. Speaking of, good luck today. I'm saying that to you and to me because, ooof. I've really enjoyed sleeping in. Sleeping in, rarely needing shoes, and 112 hours of uninterrupted J+A time two weekends in a row! It's been grand. So, yeah, Monday. We're in this together. Do you think free printables would help? Fingers crossed..

2015 Printable Calendar | MontgomeryFest


Get yourself some quality card stock+ Print! 

2015 Printable Calendar | MontgomeryFest


+ Spiffy washi tape // + magnets for the fridge // + tiny clipboard 

Wait. I just realized! SAVE THE DATES! Bonus:

+ Grab the month of your party+ Circle your event date+ You should probably include your event details somewhere too+ Package in cute, square envelopes and send me one! ..or just out. Send them out! ;)

2015 Printable Calendar | MontgomeryFest

I spent a little too long FaceTiming with Wagner and lost the pretty daylight, plus I'm an amateur, so my photos made the colors darker. In actuality, the bronze is more of a yellow gold. But I can make you new ones if I got your hopes up. teamgold.

Download calendars here:


ps. If you post photos of my designs, I’d love to give it some love! Tag me with @montgomeryfest and #mfestdesigns.