Pregnancy Progress // 41 Weeks

41 weeks.jpg

41 weeks with a side of snark…

Baby is the size of a: Baby. A full size baby. Just growing inside of me, as if we had any room for such a thing.

Baby’s movement: Her head is down (has been for months), so her little bum is straight up the middle of my torso with her limbs towards my right side. 

Clothes: I have exactly three dresses that fit me. And one is dangerously short, but ask me how much I care. (n-u-n, none.)

Food cravings: Can I have my wine and sushi now? I think I've earned it.

Total weight gain: So. Here's the plan. The hospital has got to have a scale laying around somewhere and in between my contractions, I'm thinking I'll have some spryness in me to hop one one while Justin distracts the staff. Anyone taking bets? Just kidding. I'm mad at you for even thought about it.

Health/fitness: We're walking, we're dancing, we're birth-ball-bouncing. Heck, at this point, even getting out of bed is a form of acrobatics.

Symptoms: Full blown pregnancy. There's a reason they don't tell you allllll the symptoms until you're in too deep.

Sleep: Wha?

Baby items purchased: Like 90%. We have the bare bones of everything. Still searching for a rocking chair. I calm myself by remembering that we’ll have her Moses basket to sleep in, I have her food (hopefully she takes to breastfeeding), and we have nappies. Necessities, check. Oh, and we have her carrier so that Justin can finally kangaroo her. We good.

Dad is: even annoyed with the "no baby yet" comments at work. We're all impatient, but I bet the two of us are a little more impatient than you and your comments are only rubbing it in. 

Looking forward to: Her. And us.

Missing: My bodyyyy. Sleeping on my stomach sounds straight up heavenly right now. And prosecco. This is probably the same as my last update..

Best moments: Finding camaraderie in new mama friends. There's a bond there that I never knew about before. Smiles on the street. Moms actually offer to show me their babies. (I've always loved babies, so this is the culmination of my entire life, if we're being dramatic.) There is actually no filter, which I find refreshing and hilarious. There's nothing like funny, embarrassing stories to bring people together faster.

General thoughts: I never thought I'd get to the point where I'd want to go through labor. Outside of all of the "no baby yet" messages that make me want to throw my phone across the room, it's the mind game I've been going through.. 'I want the baby, but I'm scared.' 'I'm really uncomfortable and ready to find our new normal, but, sheesh, that cliff I have to jump first.' Oof. NOPE. I've made it over the hill. Past it. Bring on the pain. We are both wishing that I start feeling excruciating cramps soon. 'Wait! It's starting to hurt! Oh. Nevermind. It was only twenty seconds.' This is so weird, y'all.